Key Investing Principles for Any Investor


“April is Financial Literacy Month, so what better time to think about saving for the future? And with so many parents struggling due to the pandemic, it’s never been more clear how vital financial literacy is for young families. As we recover, it is important to consider protecting your family for an uncertain future and to set your children...”
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‘Unest’ Aims To Make Investing Easier


“Ksenia Yudina, the Founder & CEO of UNest joined Cheddar to discuss how the fintech platform offers parents affordable and accessible ways to save and invest for their children's future...”
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Female Finance Superpowers: Women Who Changed the Finance Market


“Females and Finance serves 3,000 professionals and gives members a user-friendly, professional platform to host networking, training and education events. Females and Finance supports women through business development, practice enhancement and entrepreneurship support. Women from all financial services and financial technology professions use Females and Finance to power their businesses...”
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How the CEO of fintech UNest is trying to make the cost of education sustainable for families


“Ksenia Udina, founder and CEO of UNest, discusses the importance of financial responsibility, and how the company offers easy access to digital 529 savings accounts...”
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New Accounts From Fintech Companies Offer Parents an Alternative to 529 Plans to Save for Their Kids’ Futures


“When Ksenia Yudina launched a startup that aimed to offer parents a simple, affordable and accessible way to save for college, she initially focused on 529 college savings plans...”
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5 Ways To Instill Money Management Skills In Kids


“There’s a saying in the education world that parents are a child’s first teacher, whether they choose to embrace the role or not. Of course, this doesn’t only apply to academics, but to life skills as well, such as money management…”
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Anthos Capital and NBA All-Star Baron Davis back LA-based college tuition savings service, UNest


“UNest, a Los Angeles provider of financial planning and savings tools for parents, including college savings plans and other beneficial investment vehicles for…”
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UNest Launches 529 College Savings App For Millennials, Tech-Focused Parents


“With the COVID-19 coronavirus, extreme uncertainty has hit home, forcing some families to consider tapping into their savings and investments…..”
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A first-time startup founder explains how to build the right team to attract investors and grow the business


“Ksenia Yudina didn’t see herself as an entrepreneur. But like many founders, she saw a problem in the market, and felt that she was in a perfect position to solve it.”
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How to pick the best 529 Plan


“American families are missing an estimated benefit of $237 billion for future educational savings because they’re not using 529 college savings plans effectively…”
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How much are you paying for your 529?


“529 plans are investment products designed to help families save for future education costs. A direct-sold 529 plan is a lower-cost, DIY option that can be opened online. Advisor-sold 529 plans must be purchased through a licensed financial advisor.”
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It’s Almost ‘529 Day,’ and States Say Don’t Forget This College Savings Gift


“College savings plans in many states are gearing up for their annual “529 Day” on Wednesday, when they offer incentives and promotions to encourage families to…”
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Tips for Using a Roth IRA to Save for College


“Almost 40% of Parents Aren’t Saving for This Key Milestone”
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Need a tax break? Here are accounts that can ease tax burdens during big life transitions.


“Saving for retirement or other big life moments is often viewed as an end in itself: Sock away a little bit each month, and you’ll achieve your financial goals. But many of these accounts can also play a role in lowering your tax burden here and now.”
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3 Reasons to Invest in an Out-of-State 529 Plan


“The benefits of going out of state can be lower fees and better investment options.”
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Almost 40% of Parents Aren’t Saving for This Key Milestone


“There are a lot of important goals in life to save for, and misplaced priorities — or just bad money management — can mean that many of us find”
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